Why Have Your A.S.K. Web
Along with the many reasons for businesses to have a corporate web presence, is the need for Corporate Fiscal Responsibility.

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Webs Have extra-Ordinary features
Using the latest technologies, methodologies, and design platforms, A.S.K. Webs can develop, your site a t a fraction of the cost, while still providing additional value with included Flash, Java Script, CSS, and other great features. All our sites are custom built with your corporate image in mind.

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Here's Our Web Packaging
Starting at $495.00 for basic sites, we can and have design everything from Basic "Static One Page" sites, to large dBase driven "Corporate Presences".

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Web Hosting Equals Real Easy
While almost all our sites include hosting, we also provide web hosting for those who require it as an extra plan.

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Great Looking, High Quality, Websites!

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One Full Year of Websites Design, Hosting, Maintenance and management.

Complete from $750.00 CDA
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'That's what our customers have come to expect from us...and we deliver!

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For Those Just starting:

  • Starter Package that gets you on-line FAST
  • Search Engine listings: without the work
  • Professional Image: with the ability to grow as you do
  • Complete Integrated On-line Solution: great for advertising, branding, or lead generation

For Those Already On-line:

  • Complete Package that gets your vision on-line
  • Enhanced Properties: Flash, Java, Forms all you can ask for
  • Professional Image: more effective, more responsive, less expensive
  • Completely New Approach: Interactive, dbase driven, drives business forward


Start Your Improvements Now:


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